Education & Healthcare

We love school! That’s right we said it! Everyday it becomes more and more evident that our educational system is in serious trouble. We do what we can to help out schools, whether public or private, in their efforts to raise awareness, raise funds, and assist them with their ongoing efforts. Most successful schools treat themselves as a brand, like a company. They are aware that they need to advertise to get new students through their doors and to continue to attract top notch teachers. A few of us cut our teeth in education early on and we walked away with a desire to better our schools.

But we don’t stop there. We also acknowledge that an important part of our community are our hospitals and clinics. There are so many organizations that exist within our  hospitals that help children, the elderly, to raise awareness of various disease and health issues. We  look forward to supporting and servicing these groups. We understand how important and critical it is to rally support and to execute campaigns and events for these causes.

We like to design collateral, advertisements, event graphics, signage, promote programs, you name it! Gearing up for an annual fund campaign? We can help! Putting on a gigantic health fair? We can help! Bottom line… we can help.