Vehicle Wraps Miami Style and Motorcycle Wraps Miami Style

 With the advances of high quality vinyl materials, now it is easier than ever and more cost effective to make vehicle wraps Miami collectors can be satisfied with. Weather you are rapping a classic vehicle or creating  motorcycle wraps Miami bikers can be impressed by, you can now achieve any look and style you desire. You have the option of having custom graphics printed or using a matte black vehicle wrap to let your vehicle stand out. The different colors and styles are endless.

Vehicle Wraps also provide a level of protection to underlying paint and the vehicle body. There are clear films that can be added to further protect against the daily wear and tear a vehicle takes while being driven around. This can help retain the value of certain vehicles with customized paint jobs or art work that can not be replicated due to the age of the vehicle.

In comparison to a brand new paint job, a vehicle wrap can be a more affordable solution to a new paint job and far better for our environment as the inks used to print these custom graphics are eco-friendly.

The most popular of all wraps has recently been the matte black vehicle wrap. This matte black vinyl can make any vehicle take on a new style and attitude. Being a new sports car or a classic muscle car, this type of exterior treatment is great for cars and even motorcycles. No need to be without you car or bike for more than a day or two as that is the amount of time it takes to install a new vehicle wrap.

For more information on wrapping your vehicles, please contact Lionsden Creative for a free and quick estimate.


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Dacia Wiegandt Launches New Innovative Website

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 12.50.18 PMDacia Wiegandt, Mary Kay National Sales Director, has launched a new website at that will serve as a premier resource for those seeking an opportunity with Mary Kay, Inc., one of the largest sellers of cosmetics in the world.

The website is designed to welcome any and all visitors interested in becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant within the company, which offers tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth and prosperity.

To that end, it features a friendly introduction by Dacia Wiegandt herself, including a personal account of her start at the company and subsequent success, as well as details on what being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant entails; how to begin and receive training; and what perks are in store for those who join.

Moreover, visitors can access a range of documents that provide information on relevant skills and factors, such as networking, team building, organization, and more. There is also an active blog that provides updates and highlights related to Mary Kay opportunities, events, and news.

The new and accessible website reflects Dacia Wiegandt’s mission to impart others with the opportunities she herself gained as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Beginning her Mary Kay Business in July of 2001, she was to become a director just six months later. Within her first year she was on the Queens Court of Sharing and Sales, recognizing her as a Double Star Achiever.

By the end the first full year as director of her unit, Wiegandt was awarded the coveted Half Million Dollar Circle of Achievement, subsequently being crowned Queen of Recruiting 2003 for the Emerald Seminar. She also did $1 million in sales in 2004 and 2005. She was the youngest Independent Sales Director to achieve a million dollars in sales. By 2005, within a mere four years of beginning her beauty agreement with Mary Kay, Wiegandt became the youngest National Sales Director in Mary Kay history, a position she retains to this day.

Following this success, Dacia Wiegandt hopes to provide others with The Opportunity to thrive in their FAITH, FAMILY and CAREER. Learn more by visiting

Analyzing Deco Vapor’s Exemplary Branding Campaign

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 12.29.21 PMFew things are more vital a business’s success than its brand, which is defined as the name, design, symbol, or other prominent feature that identifies a company as distinct from its competitors. The right brand can make or break a business of any size or industry, especially in the hyper-competitive markets of the 21st century.

Deco Vapors, a Miami-based purveyor of Vapor Cigarettes, presents an excellent case study in how to develop a good brand, the subsequent rewards of daring to be imaginative even if it means changing your established brand.

Formerly known as RipTech Vapors, Deco Vapors sought to distinguish itself from the booming vapor cigarette industry, where new businesses were emerging on almost every block to cater to the growing demand (especially in Miami, which features the young population and vibrant cultural scene that drives such growth).

Ultimately, Deco Vapors determined that it needed a brand that would communicate three key things that its current brand did not: that it is a business that is sophisticated, mature, and high-end. These factors stood in contrast to the prevailing trend in the industry, which took on kitschy motifs and more superficial flavors, lacking the class and upscale feel that customers across the spectrum would enjoy.

In essence, Deco Vapors sought to fill a niche in the market that many customers would seek and thus notice. Hence the new name and logo design, which were inspired by Miami’s distinctive and iconic Art Deco architecture, widely considered to be the epitome of chic. The new name also reflected the company’s proud roots in Miami, which not only emphasizes its community orientation to locals, but helps attract buyers from outside the city who are drawn to its reputation for style and excitement.

In short, Deco Vapors succeeded in executing a broadly-appealing rebranding campaign that could attract a diverse market and communicate the universally-desired characteristics of class, quality, and luxury. Sure enough, the rebranding strategy also coincided with the company’s shift into professional services and premium products, as characterized by its new state-of-the-art website and partnership with a premier E-Liquids manufacturer, Space Jam Juices.

Those interested in learning more about Deco Vapors can contact the company at (305) 982-8375 or via email at Walk-ins are welcomed to its 2267 Coral Way location.

The right way to build a website

Website Image for Corey Realtors Recently I was real estate browsing in Coral Gables and came across  The site is a real estate group for Coral Gables Realtors Taylor Corey and Maribel Corey. 

Instantly, it was clear that the design was professional.  The colors matched the ‘Miami feel’ and the layout was perfect in regards to spacing photos and content.  Navigation is so important on a website because too many clicks are a turn off.  For this example, the choice of navigation topics was concise and to the point.  Once you entered interior pages, the layout was simple yet elegant. 

If you are an avid real estate window shopper like me, it is normal to run across the same content on every site.  I can say that I was surprised to see that the information on was different.  There are only so many stories in a condo building and so many homes in a private community but the style of the writing was professional and it hooked me right away. 

Having worked with some of these Volusion, 1&1, Weebly sites I know that they are basically useless without paid advertising to accompany them.  That being said, I think they are a good solution for people looking to point their existing customers somewhere online.  Nonetheless, it was inspiring to run across a professional site and a business that cared enough to put together something magnificent for a real estate aficionado perusing the web for new things to get excited about.  

Branding Vehicle Wraps

There are a few brands out there that have really made their mark. Brands that take you a millisecond to recognize from the sheer fact that they have become ingrained in your head. Granted, sometimes it’s not by choice, as anyone on this planet can recognize a Coca-Cola logo regardless of what language it’s written in. One brand that I am a die-hard fan of has always been Oakley. When you mention Oakley, most people immediately think of sunglasses or ski goggles. Oakley is more than that!

 Oakley has it’s hand in every major sport in the world providing apparel, footwear, watches, electronics, and yes, optical wear. Oakley’s brand has become recognizable worldwide. So you may be asking yourself “what does this have to do with a blog about signage and graphics?” Because even Oakley knows how important it is to get in your face! I’m talking Miami vehicle wraps. This weekend I had the chance to visit Cocoa Beach, Florida. As we pulled into a parking lot to pick up some ice cold, tasty beverages, I stumbled upon a sleek looking Ford F-250 wrapped in a subtle, yet radically cool design for Oakley. Being the graphics geek that I am, I walked up to the guy driving it and asked if I could take a pic.

A marketing rep and brand ambassador for Oakley, Jesse was really cool. We started talking about a local event and how he gets to drive this truck all over the U.S.. Jesse informed me that Oakley’s vehicle wraps were all very noticeable and attracted attention anywhere they went. We were in fact standing having a conversation in a parking lot about the brand. Jesse went on to tell me about the Oakley Mobile Lab that also goes on the road from event to event and is wrapped in a similar style. Jesse wasn’t sure where the vehicle wraps had been designed and installed but thought it might have been out on the West coast. The vehicle wrap was designed well and the installation was very professional.

 During our conversation Jesse informed me of Oakley’s various marketing events around the state of Florida including our home city of Miami. We spoke about vehicle wraps Miami companies use and how they are more service oriented designs rather than brand driven designs for the public to recognize. We both posed the same question, “How can there be brand loyalty when there is no brand to recognize?” In the end, the Oakley vehicles we saw were very cool, recognizable, and just plain awesome! Great job Oakley and great job to whoever wrapped those trucks. Contact Lionsden Creative today. 

vehicle wraps oakley mobile lab vehicle wraps

Vehicle Wraps Miami

Vehicle Wraps Miami- Palmer Trinity BusOver the last year we have assisted many of our clients in turning their business vehicles into rolling billboards that help inform the public of not only their services, most importantly, their presence. It has become very obvious to the many businesses and organizations that have decided to invest in vehicle wraps Miami residents can’t get out of their heads. A lasting impression is a powerful effect when it comes to promoting your business or organization and we are hearing first hand on how our clients are benefiting.

A new area we have explored in the last few months has been how effective these vehicle wraps Miami residents have grown accustomed to seeing, could impact educational institutions. Colleges and Universities have been using this form of media for years but we decided to see what effect it would have on schools. After numerous institutions have taken the step in applying vehicle wraps Miami school buses have never had, a new form of marketing and advertising was found. These institutions began reporting a surge in telephone inquiries, higher website volume, and an increase in enrollment applications.

Local educational institutions constantly strive to reach their future constituent base through traditional media such as newspapers, flyers, and advertising on targeted websites. These vehicle wraps Miami school buses are now using have become a powerful marketing tool and have proven to be worth every dollar invested. The next time you are out on your commute, notice how many vehicle wraps Miami companies are now using to advertise their businesses. Now think to yourself, can vehicle wraps Miami residents notice help your business or organization? If so, contact Lionsden Creative and get a vehicle wrap that will give you a highly effective mobile advertisement.

Reputable Graphic Design

Graphic Design is prominent and surrounds our society in many ways. As a vehicle, Graphic Design drives advertising campaigns, brands companies, dresses event venues, and makes numerous things appealing to our eyes. Graphic Design is not just the ability to alter images and stylize text, it is the ability to create styles and trends and leave lasting impressions among the public.

We have encountered many clients that have attempted to brand their new or existing businesses using “Graphic Designers” that have proven to be unprofessional or inadequate in many ways. Most professional Graphic Designers in Miami have a degree from a respectable college or university where art and art history courses are a requirement, or at least have a few years of experience in the trade if they were self taught as an artist or illustrator. These Graphic Designers have been trained in multiple mediums of art and have learned to spot trends in art and design.

When looking for a Miami Graphic Designer or Miami Graphic Design Firm to assist you with your design or branding efforts, first ask to view a client portfolio. Asking for a portfolio will immediately weed out a true Graphic Designer from the many impostors out there flooding the market with sub-par work at bargain prices. It is true that an educated and experienced Graphic Designer will charge a greater fee, but you can rest assured the work will be top-notch.

Client references are also very important when seeking a professional Graphic Designer or Graphic Design Firm. Most Graphic Designers pride themselves on their work (like Miami Sign Printing) but also on the relationships and reputation they develop with their clients.

Signage in the City of Miami

Miami, better known as the magic city, offers an array of opportunities for many businesses especially those that cater to its constant tourism. Miami’s visitors are beginning to venture to the culturally rich areas such as Little Havana, Wynwood, and Midtown like never before. Signs Miami visitors are gravitating to these areas can be seen in the way Miami’s tour buses are taking tourists there daily. Unfortunately many of these businesses aren’t ready to welcome this new traffic.

Miami storefront decals and Signage that appeal to tourists have to be clean and inviting to attract their tourist dollars. Many tourists try to avoid businesses that look dirty and beat up or businesses that look like nobody goes there. Many businesses still have signs that were hand painted in the 70’s. Signs Miami tourists gravitate towards are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Images play a huge role since many tourists do not speak English or Spanish.

Miami has always been a city that exuded style and elegance dating back to the 40’s. As decades have passed, we still benefit from a large volume of visitors from all over the world. Today, many areas of Miami are seeing a new type of visitor that used to never venture outside of Miami Beach. Businesses in Miami need to adapt to this new traffic and make sure their businesses are welcoming and easy to visit. Signs Miami is growing even now, can be seen all over.

As a business owner in Miami, you should take time to asses the look of your establishment and make the necessary changes to your signs and storefront façade to make sure you are competing for your share of potential clients and visitors. If the building you are currently occupying is a historic building, make your new signage reflect the era of its construction. Many things can be done to update signs Miami and Miami storefront decals businesses can be proud of.

If you are an example of a business in Miami that has seen an increase in area traffic yet you are not seeing a difference in walk-ins or sales, you need to make an assessment of how your business is perceived. Replacing old signs or adding new signs Miami tourists and visitors are attracted to, could change how well your business is doing quite rapidly!

Poster printing Miami, printing services Miami

Print media continues to be an excellent tool for communicating with current and potential customers. Posters in particular, are a great way to raise brand awareness and communicate with the public. Poster printing Miami can be an expensive avenue if you are printing only a few posters for your business. Since most printers only do large orders of 500 or more, it can be costly. If you own or operate a small business you don’t have much use for hundreds of posters

People have gotten used to looking at and process information on posters. When most people walk into a business or any room for the matter, we immediately look around and take in the environment. A well positioned poster or graphic will communicate your message directly to your patrons and let them know you stand behind your brand. Poster printing Miami can be effective as long as your return on investment (ROI) is sizeable.

It is possible to find quality printing services Miami

can afford. Poster printing Miami style requires the use of high quality imagery and cutting edge printers that can deliver clear and beautiful images. Posters can be placed on windows, storefronts, behind counters and along the walls of your business where it is visible to everyone. We enjoy assisting our clients in creating high quality posters for their businesses. We can help you with small amounts of posters to help you in communicating with your clients as well as adding great aesthetics to your place of business.

The next time you are out on the town or running errands, see how many posters you encounter. What messages are they communicating? What brands are reaching out? Chances are you’ll be surprised at how many you encounter but never paid much attention to the fact that it is indeed a poster! Poster printing Miami will help you to advertise your business effectively.

Making Storefront Signs in Miami Better

No matter what part of Miami you are driving in, you know you have reached a commercial area when your eyes experience the Miami sign overload! Hundreds of signs lining the streets and storefronts for as far as the eyes can see. So much is this monotonous clutter that we force ourselves to look away. The Miami sign issue is one of simple aesthetics… Or lack thereof.

For too long now,  Miami signs shops have created simple, plain, and stale signage as a solution for businesses looking to advertise or raise awareness. When your plain and boring signs stand alone, your customers might read and process it, but when your sign is surrounded by a plethora of similar signage, yours definitely get lost in the mix.

We have said it before, Miami is a beautiful city and we should continue adding to that beauty. When we produce Miami signs for our businesses or events, we should always try to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible assuring good use of branding, colors and size. Miami sign printing has not focused on this at all.

Signs Miami style! This is the solution. With the printing technology available today, you can provide your business with eye catching signs that are appealing and stand out from the clutter. Miami sign printing is in need of a new direction and we will make sure it gets there. Using our advanced design skills and creativity, we will produce signs Miami will proudly display.

The sign printing services Miami has grown accustomed to are focused around production and installation leaving art and design as an afterthought. Graphic design Miami! Graphic design is a very important element when creating signs Miami! You hear that?

As a solution to this problem, we suggest that when the time comes to upgrade your signs Miami, you take into account the aesthetics and effectiveness of the graphic design Miami deserves. In the next few weeks, we will be posting photos of bad Miami graphic design and good graphic design Miami produces. We hope that in comparing these photos, you will see why it is so important to create signs Miami can use to add to its beauty.